Or have you forgotten...

Music,....it is not up for discussion

It just is.

You seem to think it is a cadaver

waiting for an explanation of its death.

You seem to think it is less than human, less than life

As if it can be dismembered without consequence.

You seem to think that there is a right and a wrong

in the rythyms and in the lyrics.

That originality is beheld only by those that were chosen

As if God himself secretly gave you keys without any thought

For anyone else.

But this cannot be true, for music is not a secret

And the keys are readily available to those who simply want them.

The keys lye within the rain, and the inching of the grass

They hang from the tips of trees at the first of spring and fall

And they magically appear at the hint of a whisper

And the shedding of fallen tears

It is life that creates music

It is the emotion that pulls us from side to side

The ballads of monotomy and the chaos of surprise.

We are never knowing of what really hides behind
the next corner, even in the borings of each day

And that is what makes the true lullabyes, the twinkling sounds

And the aching rythyms that seem to sing from our simple souls.

Originality should not be the emphasis of music

It should be integrity,...integrity of ones soul

Integrity with ones relationship with life itself

for she is not to be taken lightly.

She is not a rag doll that is to be scooped up whenever a dead line is due

And thrown to the way-side when all is completed and the award is about to be


She is Gods blessing, bestowed on all of us

who truly do not deserve it.

Integrity...think about it,...embrace it,...soak in it

Saturate til' your silly ideals get all pruney in it.

Integrity defines what is true and what is real.

It is through integrity that one will find originality

For it is not possible to begin with the latter

To believe in such, is a journey that is only long and deficient.

Stop comparing and trying so damn hard

Just stop, pause for more than just a moment

And notice the wind flying under the leaves

Notice the stillness and business outside of your Narcissm.

Life is wonderful and beautiful, especially the parts that move

without our control.

Sing again like you did as a child

Those days where record labels and genres didn't push around

in that sweet, innocent mind of yours.

Dance again like you did when you first heard the music,

You know the days,...your feet jumped around like they were prancing on hot coals.

And please, please, strum and tap the chords like you did,....

when you simply didn't care.

Do you remember?

You just had an emotion that couldn't be contained or explained,

and the instrument you beheld was the only channel to true expression.

Music,...is not up for discussion.

It just is,...so just enjoy it.


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