Murmuring while Entranced

I am not sure if you are the sun, the moon or the stars
But,...what I do know is that…
I am compelled by your melody
The melody seems to sing you,...and touch your face

I am moved by loveliness
I sway back and forth in complete stillness
And eventually,...I am found in a violent swirl
I am compelled to feel, to swim, to climb
Through the motion of tingeing notes
Breathing, smelling, dancing and...
touching the feathers and the leaves

I am in the rain, my eyes are closed
No reason to notice, no reason to care
never ending
never ending
never ending

Tip toe on the keys
And slide through each chord.
My soul rests on the knowing
of the never ending…

Trickle down, down, down
Never ending down
Over and over, pour down
over me
Breathe down
with never ending down.
Down, down, down

Wrap me, move me,...swing me, slay me
down and around till I am so dizzy
That I won't know what is up nor down
Down, Down, Down

Down over and under
Down with a spin and a spiral
Your melodic melody must pull me
into what is never ending and never knowing

It is the state of unawareness and always new
Confusion in such a state that the need of understanding
is no longer a substance of my consciousness.
It is only the melodies, only the keys, only the chords
The beauties that envelope me, swaddling cocoons,...quietness.

Peace found not in clarity but in impaired-ness
I only want the blanket, the cover, the fort, the shield,...
The blending of fibers and what not’s,...
forgetting what isn't important.

Mesmerized I will be,...entranced in the light and in the rain
Beauty,...no rules,..no regulations
She is in the essence of chaos and nonsense
Unconscious remedies made by unseen rhymes and melodies
The tinkling and tanking continues like the rain,...calling me
Calling me to go further away and closer still

I will rise and fall with grace and greatfulness
Up and down and all around,...it is not about where I go
But that I am simply going
Up and down and all around,....
Down, down, down
Rain down, please come down,...
down, down, down, down, down.


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