Quiet in the Sights and Sounds

Rain,....yeah obsession is there

And finally, she decided to give a little pour of herself
Its not abundant, but she is evident

Its been so long,....so long since the quiet came and the drizzle
came pouring down.

The rush of cars slide by, honking and odd music buzzes
Bye and bye

Shouts come from near and afar,...some are pleasant
And some would be better if that weren't around at all

But in the end, I am just happy she is here
Even if it is a small quiet in the sights and sounds
Because my soul soaks up every inch of her gray
And my heart bleeds and dances the rythyms of music that so wonderfully
strolls about as she pours, and pours and pours.

Yes,....the obsession is there
It is raining once again. Hello friend.


At 7/08/2008 8:28 PM, Blogger funnyenough said...

i'm really glad you are back. :)


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