Ups and Downs

If you haven't figured it out yet
I'm a little on the ups and downs

No, I'm not Manic or a Depressant
(well, maybe sometimes)

I write for the moment
My words rarely express my everday
I don't know if it's possible
to summerize.
Too much, too little time
Just have to record the important.


At 7/04/2005 1:17 AM, Blogger audi said...

i'm gald you're living your ups and downs. it's much simpler when you don't pretend they're even.

your words are beautiful.

At 7/05/2005 2:08 AM, Blogger Tavius said...

hey i dont know about yall but im the most even person even. steph ur life is crazy. u need to be more responible and normal. like me.
much love!
its great to hear ur beautiful thoughts steph. thanks for bloggin

At 7/05/2005 9:56 AM, Blogger HangingUpsideDown said...

thank you for such kind words. Its nice to know that people find your words beautiful when you've stopped "trying to make them beautiful". You guys are cool. Thanks for the love.


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