The White Bluffs

Busi-ness passes by and spins me in both directions
Their demands are loud and exausting
My head aches morning, noon
And night.

But then I step outside,
Outside of the arena.
And I slow my steps,..and begin to listen to the treasures
The beauties
The softness
The fluidity
The simple state of peacfulness.

My soul is at peace when I close my eyes
My soul is at peace when I choose to believe
My soul is at peace when I look at you,...and only you.
My soul is at peace when I listen to the small voice
My soul is at peace when I drown out the billowing sounds
And I immerse myself in melody.

I dream of my little stone house on the white bluffs
I dream of my old piano colored in chartruese green
I dream of our little ones with sparking eyes of blue
I dream of our cozy bed, warm and naked
I dream of my voice finding her place and leaving her insecurity
I dream of my tears falling freely
I dream of my heart being open, honest and truly feeling
I dream of letting go of ideals and walking the new direction

Last night my heart fell in love
My soul danced with Jesus
And for the first time, in a very long time, I felt free
Free from all the strings.
I was naked
I was apart
I was releasing
I was connected and yet, unattached.


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