New days...

For those of you who don't know yet,...I actually have a job. A real job.
And its full time. I know thats hard to believe, but whats even more of an accomplishment is I get up every morning before 9am.
Yep! Yep! Were still talkin' about steph.

I'm happy and I look forward to my everday. I feel like I am at school,
but getting paid for the crazy projects I do. Never have I had a job where I learned so much and actually cared about what I am doing. Work equaled paycheck which equaled food and shelter. I really started thinking that work will always be hell and that I will never find peace in it. I thought my choices were to either endure anguish or be homeless.

God is good. God is gracious. God always provides. He gave me a job that doesn't contradict my creativity. He gave me what I asked for.


At 7/18/2005 3:40 PM, Blogger David said...

Working at my university is like that. Its more fun then it is work, but lately its been a bit on the bad side. I've been put in charge of a very nice computer, soon to have a friend too(A Mac G5 with 30' monitor). But now people are coming in and taking away my quality time with my machine. *sigh*

The day always comes.

At 7/19/2005 11:53 AM, Blogger HangingUpsideDown said...

Damn! I hate when that happens:)
You should hide it (LOL). It must be rough having to babysit such a beautiful baby:)

My computer is my down-time, my quiet time, my alone time. Creativity used to hold that place, but now that I go to school and get paid to be creative,...ummm,...not so much:)
But hey, no complaints here. I am finally doing what I love and I am forever grateful.

At 7/19/2005 5:19 PM, Blogger audi said...

i'm really happy for you, steph. that rocks.

At 8/08/2005 11:58 AM, Blogger Cigana said...

Hopefully soon we will all be that lucky.


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