Ashes and Snow

some of the most stunning art work I have ever seen and felt.
Tears fell down my face as I experienced each photo and film.
The work was created by Gregory Colbert and everything you will see is all very real. His exhibitions have already been in Venice, New York City (500,000 visitors in three months) and is now in Santa Monica, California. The poetry he displays is like any other. I hope you experience unforgettable beauty like I have.



For those of you who are more on the more open minded side of the fence,...you should see V for Vendetta. Ben and I got to see the preview show at the Imax Monday night. We really liked it and we spent the latter half of the evening just talking and talking about life. Its a movie that pushes you to ask questions,....and so many of us have forgotten that questions are good.
I would love for anyone who sees it to come over sometime and discuss it. I am not usually into doing that (I have a strange issue with it) but this movie stirs up so many thoughts and questions, it would be silly not to:)


Thank you.