Oh Those Rainy Days

Oh those rainy days
Beautiful thoughts that immerse
From long and pointed stares of the living room

Oh those rainy days
Rising puffs of steam from that old mug of yours
Lovely aromas permeating in every which way
A sigh with each savored moment.

Oh those rainy days
Warming threads that seem to always cover
The tips of your toes and maybe even that spot
That lies a few inches beneath the nose

Oh those rainy days
Pulling and cradling your heart with its soul
Ballads of love and melodies that seem to bounce
A carrier for your imaginations leap into
the next world.

Oh those rainy days
The eyes go down and every once and a while Up
Less light, more room to sleep
The day is lost but the comfort lives in glee.

Oh those rainy days
Those rainy days
Those rainy days...


Oh that damn thing

This process of learning
Can be quite a bother.
So mean, so cruel.

Love knowledge, Love intellect
Love the aroma of new
Love a good challenge.

Hate listening, Hate reading monotonously loooooooooooooooooooooooooong
And boring books
Hate being challenged.

Someone came up with a very evil addiction
that always ends up as a ridiculous contradiction.



First day of school,...I learned of Maya Lyn
A young women who is known for the memory
Of Vietnam...Civil Rights...And Africa.
I didn't know it was possible to have tears well-up
watching an educational film.
It was a good first day.

I have made an excellent choice with Watkins.
I am going to learn
I am going to grow.

I have found a place where the language is similar and almost the same.

This will be a place where I am Stretched
And Strengthened.



It was a beautiful day
It was the most glorious day
I can't remember a day being any better

They were so in love
They were beginning the journey
They were starting with all of us beside them

At a moment of communion
I danced in an entwinement of exotic fabric
My toes and finger tips were carried by a supernatural current
God was present
This was Love

"You are the life to my soul
You are my purpose
You are everything
And how can I stand here with you and not be moved by you
Would you tell me how could it be any better than this"

Today they are not so much in Love
They speak sometimes
But they are continents apart

I don't hear that song on the radio anymore
but I hear one that's similar
Its not the greatest
In fact,....its labeled as a "bad christian song"
But the vocal is distinct and still the same
And every time I hear it, a stubborn tear forces its way
I am reminded....

Of a beautiful day
A glorious day
A day that I can't remember ever being better



I have this friend...

Each day she brings new amazement
So very stunning,...so very alive
There is a tip-toe in every dance
And a leap with each run

I don't believe anyone has ever been
to the world she lives in.
People talk about understanding her interesting ways
but I don't think they understand,...that this is just the beginning.

She is the one swimming under scrupulous amounts
of thoughts and ideas.
She thinks as well as acts,....
an attribute rarely found in others.

There will be books written...
for dancing children and crazy-upside-down children.
There will be books written...
of love, some life and a little tragedy.
There will be books written...
for the not-so-smart and need-lots-of-help people.
There will be books written...
for those who have not seen and those who have not heard.

She laughs
And she cries.
She sings
And she moves.
She runs
And dreams to fly.

I believe one day she will fly.
To the ocean and back.
To the sun and to the many moons.
To the depths of the earth and to every
heart and soul.

She once thought she was awkward
but now sees the beauty.
She once was told she was rebellious
but now she sees it was just ambition.

The older are confused
The younger are mesmerized
We alike are ecstatically grateful