I like the little things
They are what matter, without them I just have chaos
I am one of those that don't sit still
Especially when the piles are too high

Like I said before, 90% of the time
my music needs to sound like a cup of coffee.

I write because its raining
I listen because its dark
Whether I will drink it or not
Coffee sits by my side

I am really not that different or that unusual
I don't have great talents, just good ones
I haven't said anything no one else has already said before
But I guess when I do I will be recorded

I am a happy girl, a happy woman
But my happiness is always reminded by the boxes
They are all nice and pretty, but I get tired of noticing them
And I really get tired stepping inside them

Peace is my true friend
She is the reason I breath
The reason I wake up, drive away, say hello and listen to you

I think Rain is her way of telling me she is really here
I think God created her just for me
Peace is my only reason I am not asleep

This ballad takes us slowly away
Soft blankets close to cheek, puppies resting
And my husband sleeping with book in hand
If peace had her way, this is how she would create the everyday